Toilet and Subfloor

  • Year Repaired: March 2021 – Present
  • Symptoms: Floor was lifting up and water was leaking from the toilet tank
  • Cause: Leaking toilet tank seals
  • Outcome: Replaced toilet tank seals and toilet wax seal, and removed/replaced rotten subfloor
  • Material Cost: $150
  • Time: 7 hours


First the toilet was removed to inspect any damage underneath. Then it was obvious that there was damage under the tiles. The tiles and multiple subfloor layers were removed and a small hole was made in the floor boards to check the floor joists which were fortunately still in great condition. The hole was patched and the remainder of the floor was removed down to the lowest floor boards. Plywood was fitted, glued (PL) and screwed in place. The tiles were stuck back on with tile adhesive. The wax seal, tank O-ring seal, flapper, tank bolt seals, fill valve seal, fill valve, and float were all replaced. The floor flange was not altered.

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