Shower Wall Tile Repair

  • Year Repaired: 2019 – Present
  • Symptoms: Loose tiles
  • Cause: Cracked window sill tile led to internal water damage
  • Outcome: Removed rot, rebuilt wood structure, added water-resistant drywall, replaced tiles
  • Material Cost: $200-300
  • Time: 12 hours over 3 days


The cracked window sill led directly behind the wall. The moisture from the shower led to the wood structure rotting and causing other tiles to break loose. All of the affected area was removed up to the unaffected area. The wood structure was rebuilt with 2x4s, and a water resistant drywall layer was added on top and caulked in. Grout was added and fresh spare tiles were added on top and spaced evenly. More grout was added between the tiles, and final caulking was added. Since time was a factor, the whole shower was not redone with water-resistant drywall. This raises the risk of further damage later on, but will be sufficient for a long time.

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